In the Brand Academy you will learn strategies to grow your online influence and authority so you can get paid for your expertise.

Hi, I’m Jasmine!

I am a mom of two, wife, and entrepreneur. Over the last five years I have successfully mastered building an online brand, launching a thriving coaching business, all while raising my five year old, pregnant and later giving birth to my now one year old, and while learning my role as a new wife.

In just my first 6 months of full time entrepreneurship I’ve booked speaking engagements, won awards and traveled the country teaching entrepreneurs the power of branding, mostly while pregnant with my baby girl.

Along the way I’ve made some mistakes. I’ve lost myself a couple of times in the roles I play in my home, but each time I’ve been able to recover and jump right back into my passions and ambitions. My goal is to help other ambitious mamas do the exact same thing, reclaim their identity, cultivate their gifts and talents, and make a few coins along the way.

After our time together you will know the changes you need to make to manage your time more wisely, eliminate limiting beliefs and set ambitious goals, take all the ideas out of your head and turn them into an actionable plan, and finally have the tools to get out of your own way and launch your idea with a brand strategy in hand and your kids close by.